Knee Pain

An Overview of the Treatment of Knee Pain from East Lake Chiropractic & Medical Center

One of the most common locations in which someone might suffer pain and discomfort is the knees. Knee pain is a common issue that can impact someone's overall quality of life. At East Lake Chiropractic & Medical Center, we strive to provide everyone with access to regenerative medicine that can help people recover from knee pain in the St Cloud area.


We know that many people who come to see us are wondering if they are going to have to have surgery. The good news is that not everyone who has knee pain must have surgery. We will use our regenerative medicine tools to help people recover as much as possible.

Common Knee Conditions We Treat at East Lake Chiropractic & Medical Center

At East Lake Chiropractic & Medical Center, knee pain is one of the most common reasons why patients come to see us. There are a few common reasons why someone might be in pain. First, we see patients who have arthritis, which develops when the cartilage between the bones in the legs is eroded. Next, we also see a lot of patients who have suffered sprains in one of the knee ligaments, such as the ACL, MCL, LCL, or PCL. This can lead to stiffness or soreness. Finally, some of our patients even have partial tears in the ligaments. The good news is that we have several treatment options at our disposal.

Regenerative Medicine Can Treat Knee Pain

The team from East Lake Chiropractic & Medical Center is here to help patients recover from knee pain. One of the tools that we can use is called stem cell therapy. When we use stem cell therapy, we are using fresh, undifferentiated cells to replace scar tissue with native tissue. Scar tissue is merely meant as a placeholder. It does not have the same capacity as native tissue. That is what we provide with stem cell therapy. Our goal is to replace damaged or missing cells with new, functional cells. This can help patients recover from knee pain as completely as possible, improving the quality of life.

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At East Lake Chiropractic & Medical Center, we provide medical care to people in the St Cloud area. This includes knee pain. We can use stem cell therapy to help patients recover from knee pain as well as other conditions. We know that many of our patients are going to have questions and we are here to answer them. Therefore, if you would like to learn more about our services, please call us today to make an appointment!

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