Shoulder Pain

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Have you been looking for a medical center that can provide health services that you need in St. Cloud and the surrounding areas?  Here at East Lake Regenerative Medical Center we can provide you with solutions to your problems using non-invasive and innovative procedures.  


Don't Let Shoulder Pain Control Your life

Among the many types of pain our patients experience, shoulder pain can reduce a person's quality of life the most. The shoulder is an essential and complex joint, surrounded by many different soft tissues and connecting bones. Damage to any of these components can create pain that limits a person's ability to use their shoulder. While many people believe that surgery and painkillers are the only way to overcome shoulder pain, here at East Lake Regenerative Medical Center, we provide natural treatments that can not only reduce symptoms of pain and increase joint mobility, but also don't come with the same kinds of complications that surgery or pain medication often bring.

Advanced Regenerative Medical Procedures

Regenerative medical procedures offer an alternative to the harmful drugs and surgeries other doctors may suggest. For this reason, we can treat you without adding more pain to the existing pain.

Regenerative Medicine has been the treatment option for our patients who have been experiencing so many types of pain.  The medicines and injections help your body to heal naturally with time. We also incorporate stem cell therapy in order to help our patients heal.   

For a long time, we have been treating patients experiencing all types of pains. This includes patients who have shoulder pain. Some of the types of shoulder pains that we treat include bursitis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears, calcific tendonitis, shoulder dislocation, shoulder instability, ligament injury, biceps tendon rupture, arthritis, labral tear, shoulder separation, and  SLAP lesions. 

Why Do We Stand Out?

At East Lake Regenerative Medical Center, we have the most experienced and qualified medical providers who will offer you all the kind of services that you need. We have also been there for so many patients, especially those with shoulder issues. Our medical procedures are also innovative and non-invasive. You can always count on us when you have medical problems at a very friendly price. If you have been experiencing shoulder pain, book an appointment with us at any time. We value your wellness at East Lake Regenerative Medical Center in St. Cloud.   

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